Lenovo V30a-22 All in One 21.5″ i3 4GB 1TB Storage.


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Lenovo V30a-22 All in One 21.5″  i3 4GB 1TB

  • Lenovo V30a-22 All in One 21.5″ i3 4GB 1TB  runs on Intel Core i3 10th Gen Processor that makes sure everything runs in a super fast manner.
  • With 4GB DDR4 high-speed memory, plus 1TB 5400 RPM storage, your productivity and efficiency levels are set to soar.
  • Lenovo V30-22 aio is equipped with Smart USB Protection and TPM, or Trusted Platform Module. The first feature enables you to restrict the USB devices that can access your PC, the other provides hardware-based security should the system be tampered with.
  • At home in almost any environment, V30a AIO’s durability and reliability mean good value for any business. It’s great for IT managers, too, who can tap into Lenovo Vantage tools to help optimize system performance and protect data. And the rear cable holder is perfect for those who like a neat desk.

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