Lenovo V30a-24 All in one 23.8″ i3 4GB 1TB Storage Windows 10.


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Lenovo V30a-24  All in one 23.8″ i3 4GB 1TB Windows 10 HOME

  • Lenovo V30a-24 23.8″ i3 runs on Intel Core™ i3-105 G1 Processor that ensures every application runs smoothly concurrently.
  • With its ‘low blue light’ certification, Lenovo V30a-24 AIO i3 delivers a more comfortable viewing experience than other monitors.
  • With 4GB DDR4 high-speed memory, plus 1TB 5400 RPM storage, your productivity and efficiency levels are set to soar.
  • DVD+/-RW Drive  Intel® Integrated Graphics Wifi + BT (2X2 AC)
  • Lenovo V30a-24 aio is engineered for energy efficiency, they undergo stringent testing to ensure that they can perform in the most challenging environments. As well as helping you maximize productivity, they have robust security features to safeguard your critical data and built-in reliability that your business can count on.
  • The 1 Year Carry-in warranty that comes with lenovo v30a-24 offers you a peace of mind
  • It is equipped with Smart USB Protection and TPM, or Trusted Platform Module. The first feature enables you to restrict the USB devices that can access your PC, the other provides hardware-based security should the system be tampered with.

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