Tp-Link TL-WR841HP wireless router


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  • The TL-WR841HP uses independent high power amplifiers and high gain antennas to provide a superior wireless experience hence enhanced wireless range up to 10,000 sq ft.
  • Wall-Penetrating Wi-Fi – Enhanced Wi-Fi signal cuts through walls and obstacles, eliminating dead zones
  • TP Link TL-WR841HP wireless router has 3 Modes Functionality – Offers three wireless modes, including Router, Range Extender, and Access Point
  • TL-WR841HP wireless router 300Mbps Wireless Speed – Ideal for video streaming, online gaming and VoIP
  • High gain antennas boost the reception and sensitivity of the WR841HP router to create stronger connections over greater distances.
  • This allows the TL-WR841HP router signal to travel farther and provide stable Internet access for all of your most important connected devices.
  • Independent high power amplifiers provide significantly increased output power of up to 1000mw*1, which is up to 5x transmission power, when compared to a normal router.
  • This ensures that your wireless signal is strong enough to penetrate walls and other obstacles.
  • With its upgraded hardware, the TL-WR841HP easily outperforms standard routers, providing dramatically expanded wireless coverage and connections that are significantly more reliable.
  • You can enjoy high speed Wi-Fi in every part of your home, in your garage, and even in the backyard.
  • The signal from the TL-WR841HP can remain strong, even after it has passed through walls and barriers.
  • This helps to eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots and ensures that your wireless signal will remain stable over longer distances.
  • In addition to serving as a wireless router, the TL-WR841HP can also function as a range extender or wireless access point, providing you with the flexibility you need in any situation.
  • The intuitive web interface and powerful Tether app allow you to set up the WR841HP routers in minutes.
  • TP Link TL-WR841HP Tether also lets you manage your network settings, including parental controls and access control policies, using any Android or iOS device.


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