APC Back-UPS 1600VA BX1600MI


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  • APC Back-UPS 1600VA BX1600MI Battery Backup & Surge Protector for Electronics and Computers features AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulation which utomatically steps up low voltage and steps down high voltage to levels that are suitable for your equipment.
  • LED Indicators provide easy-to-read status of the unit and utility power conditions.
  • Thanks to USB connection, you can Use your PC to access additional power protection and management features for your UPS via a USB Port.
  • Battery-protected and surge-only outlets reserves power capacity and run time for connected equipment that require UPS battery back-up while providing surge only protection for less critical equipment
  • APC Back-UPS 1600VA also LED status display to help you quickly understand unit and power status with visual indicators.
  • Audible alarms provides notification of changing utility power and UPS power conditions.
  • Intelligent battery management maximizes battery performance, life, and reliability through intelligent, precision charging.
  • Battery failure notification provides early-warning fault analysis on batteries enabling timely preventive maintenance


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